The Tiny Canvases

Started off as an experimentation of hot glue designs and adding small beads and charms to create a 3D effect. 
The Paint Pour Era

A fun summer resulting in amazingly chaotic artwork. 
Signs for B&N

There are signs I created to help promote books while working for Barnes & Noble in 2021. I used Acrylic paints and paint pens.
The Reference and the Painting

Created April 2023 with Acrylics on Canvas

Created April 2023, Acrylic on Canvas

Inspired by the song, "They Stay Down Deep" by Giselle. Created September 2023 using Jelly Gouache.

Created March 2021, Alcohol-Based Markers on Marker Paper. Inspired by "right where you left me - bonus track," by Taylor Swift.

A digital creation from October 2, 2023 of a giraffe mashed with a ghost thanks to the "Mashaween" prompts from Meg's Mashable account on social media. #mashaween23

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